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Don't know where you want to be yet? Just want to be part of Bardic Web and browse around? Don't know which scroll you want? Every major Genre has a social hub in Bardic Web's Scrolls section, if you don't see an existing scroll for your character(s) to play in, here are the places to start:

Fantasy: Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
Horror: Shadow Valley
Intrigue: Exploit Valley
Scifi: Ranginui

All Scrolls, Alphabetically

NC-17 Whispin Fantasy
NC-17 The Writing Den Other
NC-17 The TransDimensional Hotel and Spa Other
14a The Cagliostro Fantasy
R Singularity Scifi
NC-17 Realm of the Shadow Covenant Horror
R Proxima Incognito Scifi
NC-17 Mione Fantasy
NC-17 Metanoia Horror
14a Merlin Fantasy
14a Kintarah Fantasy
NC-17 JuxtaPunk Scifi
R Haven Scifi
NC-17 Hais Stauia Fantasy
14a Gunslinger's Quests Intrigue
14a Crackington Haven Intrigue
PG-13 Berelath Fantasy

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