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Ghetsuhm Riker
YRoden DRiel

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This Scroll was Created on: 2009-04-11

Proxima Incognito's Time Period is:  Timeless

Scroll Awards:

Story of the Year: Ghost in the Machine

Proxima Incognito is a scroll devoted to telling stories of science-fiction from throughout time and space. It is home to as many worlds and ways as we can imagine.

PLEASE NOTE: Complete Character bios are MANDATORY to write at Proxima.

There is no application to join, but permission will be needed from the Story Master to join individual stories.

Further Information:

Bardic Web has Open and Closed Scrolls. Open Scrolls let you read the stories without being a member (but not the discussion area), Closed Scrolls require membership to read. You must 'add' or 'create a character' to join. Some Scrolls require an application, and you must be 18 or older to join a NC17 scroll.

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