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This Scroll was Created on: 2009-09-19

JuxtaPunk's Time Period is:  Varies

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JuxtaPunk is a collection of roleplay areas delving into the Steam and Cyber Punk subgenres. Various alternate versions of regular characters can be found here, as well as entirely new faces. Vampires, Elves, all fantastical creatures are welcome, though humans of any sort can play as well.

More information about this world can be found in the JuxtaPunk forum in the Fantasy Mythos book. JuxtaPunk writers are encouraged to add themselves to the Fantasy Mythos book in order to be able to access this information.

Further Information:

Bardic Web has Open and Closed Scrolls. Open Scrolls let you read the stories without being a member (but not the discussion area), Closed Scrolls require membership to read. You must 'add' or 'create a character' to join. Some Scrolls require an application, and you must be 18 or older to join a NC17 scroll.

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