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Gweneth Granville
Granville Librarian
Nicholas Haven

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Jack Hardacre
Raoul Quell

This Scroll was Created on: 2009-05-01

Crackington Haven's Time Period is:  2011

Scroll Awards:


Like all old manors that reside in small towns there are legends about the Lords and their woman that came to stay at the Black Rose Manor and the town itself, Crackington Haven.

Now Gweneth Granville, is supposedly the last of the family and she has inherited the manor, its reputation and unfortunately its debts.

The manor holds many secrets within its walls. The Granville men were known as rakes and lovers and the last of the big time spenders. She has yet to open the North Wing and the South Wing of the manor. For all she knows someone could be living there secretly. And, just what lurks beneath those floors that seem to hide tunnels that lead into the dark?

Crackington Haven Mythos can be found HERE

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