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Suzanne Knight

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Suzanne Knight
Chezlar Khor Lord of Time

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This Scroll was Created on: 2009-04-17

Realm of the Shadow Covenant's Time Period is:  Timeless

Scroll Awards:

Realm of the Shadow Covenant is an Invitation Only Scroll.

Look hard across the midnight sky...
with telescope or inner eye.
THERE ....
toward the western horizon
you will see a starless void.

This is the abyss ... Vortex,
gateway to the Gregorian Galaxy.

This is where one might find creatures
of fantasy, desires, or demons dredged
from the dark recesses of one’s mind.

Enter... and seek those of your dreams.
Giants, Lords, dragons and unicorn.
God’s, Denizen, Elves and Vampire dwell
within the kingdoms and lands of

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