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Galain Alcarin

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Galain Alcarin
Wren Silvereye
Salem Rothchilde
Marius Agrippa
AnThaya DRiel Alcarin

Regular Members

Jerri Jensen
Devan Urdrul
Adarin Alcarin
Mercy Urdrul
Reece Nightfall
Aarien Alcarin
Saya Nalhrin Alcarin
Menelanna Alcarin
Kaitha Tovenaar
Maeve McDermot
DenAyat DRiel

This Scroll was Created on: 2009-04-15

Berelath's Time Period is:  Standard Terran Time

Scroll Awards:

Berelath is a verdant ball of blue, white and green that is the home to the Green Heart Inn, Brendar’s Valley and the mysterious kingdom of the Elen, amongst other peoples and civilizations.

PLEASE NOTE: Complete character bios are mandatory to write at Berelath. There is no application to join, but permission will be needed from the Story Master to join individual stories. Roleplay is open to all unless otherwise stated. A somewhat rudimentary mythos of Berelath can be found here.

Further Information:

Bardic Web has Open and Closed Scrolls. Open Scrolls let you read the stories without being a member (but not the discussion area), Closed Scrolls require membership to read. You must 'add' or 'create a character' to join. Some Scrolls require an application, and you must be 18 or older to join a NC17 scroll.

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