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This Scroll was Created on: 2009-04-14

Merlin's Time Period is:  Timeless

Scroll Awards:

This Scroll is Closed

Merlin, a new world to some, yet very old to others. Merlin a man or rather a wizard. Or is he?

The world is young, yet very old depending on where you are or who you are. There are places to be discovered, people to find, creatures to tame or will they tame you, planes to travel to. There is peace, there is confusion, there are those who wish to take over and those who just want to exist. There are others who wish to destroy those who maintain this world and those who will defend it with their last breath.

Please note:

~~Complete character bios are mandatory to write at Merlin.

~~There is no application to join, but permission will be needed from the Story Master to join individual stories.

~~Roleplay is open to all unless otherwise stated.

The mythos for the World of Merlin and for Krystallos can be at The World of Merlin Mythos

Further Information:

Bardic Web has Open and Closed Scrolls. Open Scrolls let you read the stories without being a member (but not the discussion area), Closed Scrolls require membership to read. You must 'add' or 'create a character' to join. Some Scrolls require an application, and you must be 18 or older to join a NC17 scroll.

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