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Mythos Leadership Guide

This guide has been created to help you set up and maintain your new Mythos. This guide will be broken down into the following sections.

The Dust Jacket
The Mythos Editor
Planning and Maintaining your Mythos

Dust Jacket

Members of your Leadership are listed on the left side of the Dust Jacket under Mythos Leadership.

The LEADERSHIP TOOLS link is your key to making changes. The first feature you should become familiar with on your jacket is the Leadership Tools link located on the bottom right hand side of the Dust Jacket. This button is the key to changing your dust jacket's appearance, member permissions and editing the Mythos Guide.

Mythos Editor

The Leadership Tools link on the Dust Jacket leads to the Mythos Editor with the options you have to personalize the Jacket and Guide to your specifications. Further details are below.

Upload New Mythos Image

Simply browse for your image and hit the upload button.

Change Your Mythos Text

Here you can use HTML codes to change your background, text content, add images and change fonts on your Dust Jacket as often as you like. For help with HTML, please use the WebWeaver's Loom, or you may ask a Muse or Demi-Muse for assistance. If you place an image on the jacket, please be sure to include the full url source code.

Edit the Discussion Guide

The Discussion Guide is the “fine print” set of rules of your Mythos. The default guide contains hard and fast rules that are adopted by most Mythos and is considered common etiquette.

Review Character Application Queue

If you are a Mythos Leader you need to check to see if any characters have applied to your Mythos. (A flag will appear beside the Mythos name on your 'My Account' page if there are applications in your application queue.) When a person has applied, you will see their character name, the reason for their application, and the action you will be taking.

  • To wait to process the application, leave no “Hold” checked. No action will occur from this choice, the member will receive no notification of their application status and the applicant will remain in the queue.
  • To accept their application, click on “Yes”. This will send out your acceptance letter to their home and add the character to your member list.
  • To decline their application, click on “No”. This will send out your decline letter to their home and clear them from the application queue.

Once you click Apply Choices you have taken official action and the corresponding result will go into effect, but you must click the apply button at the bottom of the page in order to finalize your choice.

If a member applies twice, simply decline their second application. This does not affect their first.

Edit Decline/Accept Messages

This allows you to customize your acceptance or Decline letters to the members that have applied. You may include HTML in these as well. Simply change the letters and hit the Change Letters Button.

Add/Remove Leaders

Leaders are trusted members that help you run your Mythos. Select the name of the writer, make sure the correct option is selected (add or remove) and click continue.

Mythos Wide Home Message

If you have an important message to send our to all of your members at once, this is the place to do it. Please use this sparingly as many people have multiple characters in a single Mythos and you will set many an icon to blinking in their account. Simply enter Message Text and click the button to send.

Remove a Character

Hopefully not a button you will have to use often, but when necessary just select the character to be removed and click the remove button.

Award Gems

Gem Tokens appear on writer's profiles when they are awarded.

To Award Gems To Your Members:
  • Select the name of the writer you wish to award
  • Select the gem to be awarded
  • Enter a name for the token
  • Click Continue and you're done!

Planning and Maintaining Your Mythos

For tips and suggested etiquette regarding maintaining your Mythos new Mythos owners are encouraged to read the default Guidelines provided for the Mythos located just above the link to this guide on the Dust Jacket. There you will find helpful information regarding Mythos ownership, recommendations and advice.

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