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This Mythos was Created on: 2009-04-08

Mythos Awards:

Reference Material for Fantasy Writers. Cliffnotes and small Mythoi.

Note: When developing a Mythos, be careful what you ’borrow’. Many of the traits seen in Characters around Bardic Web belong to a specific mythos.

For e.g:

Dragon Belly Scales: Are Exclusive to the Golden Dragons and Elen of Berelath, they are not a generally accepted ’trait’.
The ’Pull’ and Kin’Oth/Kin: Are Exclusive terms used by Aerdonian Dragons. Kin’Oth is the name of their actual ’race’ and the pull is a mythos specific biological response.
The Conduit and the Web: Are Exclusive terms that apply only to the S’hean Elves, and even more exclusively, to the D’Riel family of Whispin.
The Tapestry: Is exclusive to the Silverleaf family of Arlsyn.
The Talent: Is exclusive to ’The People’, the race of humans Ghetsuhm Riker is descended from.

And so on...

Please contact Calliope if you wish to add a small mythos to this book. Mythos books for larger mythoi can be purchased via your Treasure Chest.

Further Information:

You must be a member of this Mythos in order to post in the discussion forums. You need to apply to become a member and membership is at the discretion of the leadership. Members of a Mythos must adhere to the guidelines set in order to keep within the theme of the Mythos.

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