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This Mythos was Created on: 2009-04-10

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Bardic Web’s Short Stories and Poems

To submit a short story or poem or to browse through contributions by other writers please add your character to this book. If you read something particularly good, why not nominate it for a Gold Star.

Original material can be submitted to the following:

Be inspired by our writing prompts. Periodically, new prompts will be added by the Muses. Writers are welcome to have a go at these in any order. Once you have created your new original story or poem, please share these with us by adding them to the appropriate prompt in the forum. Please do not submit to the following unless specifically instructed: Please note: This book is intended solely for original material by members of the Bardic Web community. If you wish to share poems by other authors, you are invited to do so at Poetry Appreciation in Web Central.

Further Information:

You must be a member of this Mythos in order to post in the discussion forums. You need to apply to become a member and membership is at the discretion of the leadership. Members of a Mythos must adhere to the guidelines set in order to keep within the theme of the Mythos.

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