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This Mythos was Created on: 2009-04-09

Mythos Awards:

Reference Material for Horror Writers, Cliffnotes and small Mythoi.

Note: When developing a Mythos, be careful what you borrow. Many of the traits seen in Characters around Bardic Web belong to a specific mythos.

For e.g:

Sanguis is unique to the Vampires of Caliginous,
Nemesi is specific to the Terranid Demons of Caliginous,
Keldra Seyhiin, or the farming of human hormones, is specific to the Seraphii and Demonii of Nocturne,
And so on...

Please contact Melpomene if you wish to add a small mythos to this book. Mythos books for larger mythoi can be purchased via your Treasure Chest.

Further Information:

You must be a member of this Mythos in order to post in the discussion forums. You need to apply to become a member and membership is at the discretion of the leadership. Members of a Mythos must adhere to the guidelines set in order to keep within the theme of the Mythos.

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