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Alter-Terra is an earth-like world, one of many in the countless multiverses. Though its environment and history is similar, there are marked differences that any visitor or adventurer should pay close heed to.

There are four races native to Alter-Terra: the Faer, the Vampyres, the Lycanthropes, and the Humans. Ages ago, the Faer all fled or died out as a wave of anti-magic washed over the world, stripping Alter-Terra of that key element in its environment. After several hundred years of struggle and adaptation, the remaining three races had turned to alchemy and science to replace their lost magic.

As the peoples of Alter-Terra entered the Industrial Age, they experienced a resurgence; an expanding wave, if you will; of their world's magic. Almost exactly one year later, the Faer returned, sparking a deadly civil war that nearly tore Alter-Terra asunder. Science faltered and failed as magic returned, leaving alchemy and a few twisted remnants of science blended with magic.

After a decade of fighting, the Faer called a halt to the hostilities, offering to teach anyone the use and mastery of magic.

The peace has held, thus far, in large part due to the efforts of the Ambassador Corps. First formed out of the struggles during the time when magic had failed, this branch represents all four races and is the main line of communication among them.

Alter-Terra is a world of mystery, where things born out of twisted science and magic stalk the wilds, survivors of the civil war. Intrigue and political maneuvering colors the interplay of its peoples, as each race seeks to better their position in the world order and uncover the hidden agendas of the enigmatic, god-like Faer.

The Faer, who are desperately seeking something; and just as desperately trying to hide this fact.

There are many magical gates on Alter-Terra, once used by the Faer to flee & then return. These gates now lie dormant, and mostly forgotten, but might re-open to allow travel to Alter-Terra to take place. A few of the gates have been opened by members of the other races, allowing one or two to travel to other worlds.

Perhaps you'll discover an odd gate that leads you to explore the world of Alter-Terra,....

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