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Nicholas Haven

Name: Nicholas Alec Haven
Race: Terran Human
Age: 38
Height: 5'11"
Build/Weight: Moderately muscled, certainly no gut or excess belly -- about 175 lbs and definitely fit.
Hair: Brown, cut short and swept as seen in picture
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Clothing: He prefers pressed and immaculate clothing and rarely wears anything less formal than a turtleneck and a good pair of pressed trousers and solid shoes.
Personality: Self-deprecating, soft-spoken, but quick to make sharp observations -- is a student of irony and sarcasm. He doesn't speak much and prefers to observe more.
History: Nicholas is a very private individual who prefers to remain quiet about his past which began in poverty and with an entirely different name. He was born to a woman of the streets (named Mabel Sykes) who named him Billy and raised him in the gutter with herself until she abandoned him at an orphanage at the age of five. When he was seven he was adopted by an extremely wealthy man named James Haven who renamed the boy, feeling that it was his great mission in life to redeem a lowlife gutterboy and rehabiltate him. Perhaps also he was feeling the need to redeem his own self, having knowingly visited a certain woman of ill-repute some seven years before, who quite coincidentally had sent Mr. Haven a note about the boy. Nicholas, being somewhat of a prodigal (thanks to his early upbringing) and a prodigy (no thanks to his upbringing), took to his adoptive benefactor's ways immediately, thoroughly liking the comfort and luxury that had been denied him.

Mr. Haven was a stern caretaker and refused to let Nicholas call him "father". This never bothered the boy, having never called his own mother "mother" and having generally called the women who ran the orphanage all sort of other names, usually under his breath. Nevertheless, as Nicholas grew, he realized he wanted to please Mr. Haven and did his best to emulate the older man in every way possible.

James Haven died suddenly when Nicholas was 21 years old. His will specifically stated that Nicholas was the sole heir to all that Haven owned, but first he had to reach the age of 40, marry and have a family of his own before he could fully enjoy his inheritance. Until that time Nicholas would receive a sufficient stipend to keep him mostly comfortable, but should he not fulfill his benefactor's requirements all of his inheritance would go to an unnamed charity.

Nicholas hasn't been actively seeking a wife, but he knows time is running out. He is loathe to settle down and has recently run into some troubles with a persistent cousin of James Haven who believes Nicholas is unworthy of the inheritance and that she herself should be the heir. One Leonora Haven, spinster at large, has hired a personal detective to track down Nicholas' past and Nicholas has done his best to keep the detective guessing.

Possibly there are some twists and turns to Nicholas' story, but he'd rather keep those to himself.

Avatar credit: Cary Grant

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