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Height: 6', 2"

Hair: Golden blond

Eyes: Sea-green

Physical Age: 510 (to be re-determined)

Apparent Age: 25-30

Markings: D'Riel Insignia on left shoulderblade and a faint gold tracery of ivy leaves around his left hand and wrist from the garland that bound him to Chandra at their wedding.

Marital Status: Married to Chandra Morningstar

Makilnar is quiet, but only on the surface. He watches his older twin brothers, Cully and Glory, with a certain amount of envy, but keeps to himself for the most part. It’s quite possible that he’s the apple of his mother’s eye. Makilnar prefers to go by “Mak”. He is an accomplished horseman and swordsman. He developed an affinity for Elen horse raising at an early age, much to his father’s surprise.

Mak is half S'Hean and half Elen, but he does have the faceted D'Riel eyes despite the sea-green color. He usually retracts his second eyelid to keep his eyes clear to others.

Mak is a quiet rebel. He has also “hatched” into a golden dragon as well named Lalaith, elvish for “Laughter”.

Mak wears a narrow silver band around one wrist. A delicate tracery of leaves are etched into the band's surface. Among the leaves one can see a dragon holding a treble clef in its claws. This is a complementary match to a bracelet worn by Chandra Morningstar. He also wears his silver wedding ring.

Past lovers have included Paiden Trayhan and Alick Ma'Kell.

Makilnar’s name means “Flaming Sword Glorious”.

These days Mak spends a lot of time on Elemmire, learning more about his wife's people and planet.

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The Cagliostro

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