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Physical description

Height: Six feet, two inches
Weight: 180 lbs
Build: Tall, msucular, but not overly so -- fairly athletic
Hair: Blondish-brown
Eyes: Gray
Age: 22
Marital status: Single

Jesse might be a cousin of the Dalton Gang, but most likely all he has in common is the surname and his own reputation as a fast shooter who enjoys living life as fast and as hard as he can.

In his own words:

"I'm Jesse. I'm a wanderer. I don't like to talk much but I reckon I ought to share a little of myself here just so you all know who and what I am.

I'm a gunman. I'm for hire. You need a hit, I'll take care of it. Plain and simple.It's hard to resist a place like this here town. So many folks I've heard all about. So many I'd like to uh -- meet.

I don't have a family -- folks died a while back. Pa was one of them wandering preacher types. He never had time for us and we never had time for him. Got robbed and shot somewhere between Virginia City and Goldfield in Nevada. Not that there was much to be got off him I reckon. My ma died of old age. Sure, she was barely 45 when she died, but when you live the life she did, you'd die young too. Watched her life just eat away at her from the inside.

Don't have any brothers or sisters. Thank God for that. Allowed me to just take off. I've been a sure shot since I picked up my first gun when I was ten. Shot my first man then -- filthy critter tried to get his paws on Ma and I couldn't stand it. Shot him dead with his own gun. We buried him out back but word got 'round. By the time I hit 16 I'd killed me at least four more men.

I'm 22 now -- probably got ten or twelve notches on my holster. When I realized how quick I was I hired myself out to the highest bidder. I take care of business without too much difficulty. I suppose I'm wanted for what I've done. I've never taken the time to look. Can't read, can't write, I move from place to place as soon as things feel a little too hot for me. So who knows.

I'm not hard to miss I reckon. I stand about six foot -- probably a few inches more. I keep a hat over my hair which I guess is blond or close. I've got gray eyes according to my ma. I never looked in a mirror long enough to make sure.

That's it. I've talked long enough and I'm feeling parched now. Maybe I'll just hide these here guns of mine and head on over to the nearest saloon. Riding into town I noticed quite a few places to whet my whistle..."

Avatar credit: Matthew McConaughey

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