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Height: Six feet
Weight or Build: Lean, but muscular
Hair Colour: Greyish blond
Eye Colour: A former sea green that's gone grey
Race: Elen
Identifying Marks, if any: None *checking*

Gareth is the younger brother of Adarin Alcarin and the father of Summerlin and Galain. He was married to Delanna Alcarin who later chose to die after he took Saya Nalhrin as a mistress and conceived a child with her.

Gareth also has a dragon self named Belazgo who was the one-time lover of Tarshawn (DragonGrin/Maggie). Belazgo fathered Ssussun, also known as Brightstar.

At one point Gareth was the High Elder of the Elen and trained his daughter, Summerlin, to succeed him as his son was named the Crown Prince. He is currently exiled from Alcarinque and Berelath after unsuccessfully attempting to assassinate Adarin, execute Galain and overtake the kingdom.

Personality-wise Gareth is a dark soul who is hungry for power of any sort. He believed in the purity of his people's blood and regards Belazgo as a curse. He tends to brush over how Belazgo came to be although it is said he displeased an immortal being who changed his genetic makeup to allow for Belazgo's existence as well as the transmission of that DNA to his children and other descendants.

Belazgo is an immense gold dragon who is still learning about the multiverse. He dislikes Gareth deeply and will sometimes force Gareth to retreat so that the dragon can breathe again. He is an even-tempered creature that yearns to be free of his elven host.

(more to come)

Avatar credt: Sean Bean

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