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I-wi em hotep!
Nisut Bity-t Ma'atKaRe Hatshepsut
Ankh Udja Seneb!

Welcome to the prosperous lands of Egypt and the palace of King Ma'atKaRe Khnumt-Amun Hatshepsut. (AUS!)

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Currently Per a'a is engaged in matters of state, but please feel free to leave a home message for her or send an instant missive with the sesh by clicking the lovely lotus flower below.

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Adrasteia Hatshepsut Clara Spalding The Green Faery Lady Luck WebMistress
Alexandria Hawthorn Star Monique de Brabant Hatshepset Nebet Adrasteia

    Updated at

    Many thanks to Karamy who created this image set as a gift to me, she is Goddess to a goddess!

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