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NerIus ElHaie

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Physical Description:
Ner'Ius El'Haie
Meaning of Name:
Noble Rune Love's Earth
S'Hean Elf
2,392 (As of the The Quickening)
Apparent Age (if different):
Early Twenties
6 Feet
200 lbs; slightly less muscular then normal S'Hean Elves
Emerald Green
*Identifying Marks (if present):
A scar down the center of his back he obtained during his time as a ranger Clothing:
Gray tunic with black leather pants
Personal Items usually carried:
Usually can be found with a book or scroll in hand

Personal Information:
Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:

He has a real passion for history and puts his work in the library before anything else. This is something he does not have a sense of humor about. Some would say that he takes his work much too seriously. He is the person to go to when questions of history are asked
Scroll Keeper
*Skills and Abilities:
Normal S'Hean abilities plus great knowledge of history
*Weapons Used:

Background Information:
*Marital Status:
*Blood or Soul Bonds:

Ner'Ius used to be a ranger but after an injury to his back he was let out early and then pursued scroll keeping. He was never really good at being a ranger, in fact he was quite bad at it. He dreamed of being a scholar his whole life.

During the events of The Cracked Mirror, Ner'Ius was sent with Maeve McDermot to the Silver Dragon Ridge to catalog the memory crystals there. During this time, Ner'Ius developed a crush on Maeve McDermot but soon realized the crush was just a symptom of his loneliness and his need for love in his life.

See the El'Haei Family Tree for his family history

Misc Information:

Avatar Credit:
Adam Brody

In the Whispin Scroll:

Native of Whispin

Characters who Ner has met or knows:

  • Tre'Ver A'Ren
  • Gre’Yor Ma’Ius
  • Ly'Anna El'Haie
  • Myn'Ette Lis'Suna
  • Fechine D'Riel
  • Maeve McDermot
  • Holo
  • Ghetsuhm Riker D'Riel
  • Rhagi Riker D'Riel
  • Matthew Becker
  • Elizabeth Winter
  • R'Avyen D'Riel
  • Den'Ayat D'Riel
  • Y'Roden D'Riel
  • Oliana

Stories that Ner has or will appear in:

  • The Cracked Mirror
  • The Awakening
  • The Quickening

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My Mythos:

Whispin G&C

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