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Dierdre the Demented

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Physical Description:


Dierdre the Demented






Six Feet 4 inches as a unicorn


About 1,000 lbs as unicorn


Black fur as a unicorn


Always Green

Identifying Marks (if present):

No matter what she shape shifts into, she will always have a small pentagon scar somewhere on her.


None as a unicorn

Personal Items usually carried:


Personal Information:


Dierdre is truly demented and lives up to her name. She wanders wherever, gets into trouble, shape shifts, and says extremely random things. She would not though, ever deliberately do harm to another. Although she might on accident.


Used to be a healer, now just wanders

Skills and Abilities:

Normal Unicorn abilities. Used to be an expert healer

Weapons Used:


Background Information:


Dierdre was once very much in love with another unicorn and when he was injured she used all of her power to heal him but he died anyway. Due to her being merged with him when he died, she went insane. Her actual last name has been lost in time and now the unicorns just called her Dierdre the Demented. No one has seen her on the hidden continent for years. Some say she is dead, others suspect she is somewhere on Ingraleis, probably causing trouble and posing as an elf.

A few years ago, she took on the form of an elf with a pink hair and met the princess of Ingraleis, Alasse, and her friends. Dierdre invited herself to stay at the palace with Alasse and Alasse accepted this. Since then, Dierdre has been living the life of a wacky elf in the palace. No one there is aware that she is truly a unicorn.

Marital Status:



No one is sure if she has children, if she does, even she doesn't remember.

Blood or Soul Bonds:

Bonded with her husband, who passed away.

Characters who Dierdre has met or knows:

  • Avarien Goldsong
  • Alasse Celeblasse
  • S'araia
  • Leuthil Celeblasse
  • Lilith ben Azim
  • Amilyn D'Riel
  • Drey Axewielder
  • Epona Axewielder
  • Brennen Gilraen
  • Selina Lindar
  • And Andréius
  • Smooch

Stories that Dierdre has or will appear in:

  • Return of the Queen

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