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Honoria Banjora Ascencion

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   Honoria Picture
Physical Description:
Honoria Banjora Ascencion
Negatian Elf
2,004 (As of Crossing Boundaries)
Apparent Age (if different):
Mid to Late Twenties
5 ft 11 in
142 lbs
Raven Black
*Identifying Marks (if present):
Many different gowns of all types
Personal Items usually carried:
A fan

Personal Information:
Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:
Second Family:
Like all of the Negatian Elves, Honoria believes the Elves are superior to all other races, but she also believes herself superior to all other Elves. She is cruel, evil, and just not fun to be around.
Monarch; Supreme Ruler and/or Dowager Empress of Negatia
*Skills and Abilities:
Normal race abilities
*Weapons Used:
She has guards for that sort of thing

Background Information:
*Marital Status:
Had a baby son named Laurentiu. The baby drowned in the bathtub and a koala was blamed for his murder. Honoria actually committed infanticide.
*Blood or Soul Bonds:
Honoria's family is probably the riches of all the elves because they own the Banjora Corporation which ships narcotics into Negatian Cities. At the age of 200, she married Laramus Ascencion, the Emperor of Negatia. Since becoming an Empress, she has made sure that everyone fears her.

When she was 2,004, her husband was fatally wounded by Tirion Tirno. Instead of taking him to the infirmary where he could have been saved, Honoria let him die so his imperial power would go to her. She lives in constant fear that either her husband will come back to haunt her as a ghost or that someone will discover that she did not do as much as she could to save his life.

With no husband, Honoria is supreme ruler of Negatia. She is under a lot of pressure to marry so there will be an Emperor but so far Honoria has refused to do so.

Misc Information:

Avatar Credit:
Shannon Doherty

Honoria's Timeline



0 - Born to Adamo and Edelmina Banjora


- The First Empress of Negatia, Linda Ascencion, is killed

- Negat Ascencion, the First Emperor, commits ritual suicide

- Laramus Ascencion is crowned Emperor of Negatia


- The Great Elf War ends

189- Begins courting Laramus Ascencion

- Marries Laramus Ascencion on her birthday

- Crowned Empress of Negatia

1,998- Gives birth to Laurentiu Ascencion

- After three months of motherhood, Honoria drowns her own son in the bath tub

- A koala is blamed for Laurentiu's murder and it is executed


- Assuming the role of royal executioner while her husband is out of the palace, she lethally injects Marianna Bellamuse

Crossing Boundaries


Memories - Time Marker

Characters who Honoria has met or knows:

  • Diana Youngblood
  • Tirion Tirno
  • Lydia Aquatia
  • Desiree Bree
  • Adamo Banjora
  • Marianna
  • Y'Roden D'Riel
  • Ghetsuhm Riker D'Riel

Stories that Honoria has or will appear in:

  • Crossing Boundaries
  • Memories
  • Negatian Nights

My Scrolls:

The Cagliostro

My Mythos:

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