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Bardic Web Awards

There are three types of site awards give out to the members of Bardic Web for excellence, dedication and participation: Plumes, Badges and Awards. Some are easier to get than other but all celebrate the diverse fun and creativity of our members.


Plumes are the highest level of awards at Bardic Web. They are given out during site celebrations like Character Month, Writer Month, Bardic Web’s Anniversary and our Annual Short Story Contest. Nominations in various categories are voted on by our members and the awards themselves are doled out by Thalia.


Badges are handed out for various areas of participation around the site. If you have been in the mentorship program or write for the Thread, chances are, you?ll find one on your site.


Gold Star, Bright Idea and other awards are handed out to people who are lucky enough to have their work posted in the Gold Star Forum or have suggested something really great for the site.

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