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Name: Suzanne Dravn Knight
Also known as: The Dove
Race: Vampire - Dark Angel,
infused with the light of Inligh
Visual Age: 22
Chronological Age: 7500

Sire: Fallen ArcAngel Armani Xandu 2nd Mate: Prince Drago Ravnhawk Ryhan 3rd Mate: Catharz Khor/Chezlar Khor
Discipates into a Pale blue mist.
Inhuman speed
Morphs into a white dove
Infiltrates the conscious and unconscious mind
Control of the elements.

Her powers are as formidable as her unsurpassed beauty.
Behind the face of innocence hides an ancient wisdom.
Her only weakness is the voice of her Heart for she is ruled by Passion. Yet ... very few have possessed her, and there have been but three who have known the full measure of her Love.

Armani Xandu

Fell from grace
when he took
a mortal woman
to his heart.

Cast from the
Celestial City,
he fell under the
spell of CAINE.
Embraced, he is
Dark Angel - God,
Armani Xandu
Creator of ALEXIA
and Sire of the
Toreador Queen
Suzanne Knight.

One of the original Thirteen Embraced by CAINE, Armani has been: Soldier, Sorcerer, Centaurian, Crusader, Advisor, Politician, Dark Angel and Demon. He had been All ... And More.

Terra 1266 Suzanne became acquainted with Armani's human persona when he portrayed a musician, playing in the city where she lived and studied with an herbalist. Her beauty and accomplishments caught his attention making Armani a frequent visitor. Love bloomed in the young woman's heart, but so had her reputation for unorthodox opinions and suspicious skill as a healer. Too much so, for she was branded a heretic, tried for witchcraft and sentenced to hang.

With the hemp secure about her neck, Suzanne beseeched the heavens for mercy, proclaiming her innocence, yet her cries went unheard by all but one. When the trap door dropped, Armani rode out of the night, struck down her executioner and snatched Suzanne from the scaffold. He rode deep into the forest with Suzanne cradled in his arms until they were miles away in a small meadow. It was here that he showed his true self, enveloped her within massive wings and took her mortal breath, only to give her Life Eternal.

For 2000 years they remained together, traveling through time and space to worlds of beauty and chaos, partaking of all each had to offer, loving, learning and living, devoted to each other, until .... Caine called Armani to him, leaving Suzanne on her own.

Over the millennia that followed, rather than retreat into loneliness, Suzanne's strong will intensified. She treasured all Armani had taught, but sought out the wisest in societies and acquired further knowledge. She paid close attention to all around her, listened and learned about all the races she encountered.

Though memories of Armani were never buried, Suzanne eventually returned to Gamier, a world she favored above others. It was here that she met Drago Ravnhawk Ryhan, and her nemesis, RAULDAC.

RAULDAC … the catalyst igniting the vengence of Suzanne's Sire. Armani raged without mercy; the destruction of Gamier accomplished with but a wave of his hand. The ground trembled, splitting apart, consuming all that had been. His wrath was one of total annihilation, leaving death and destruction in his wake. In the end ... RAULDAC was nowhere to be found ... nor were the remains of the vampire queen.

First Chylder ... Prince Drago Ravnhawk Ryhan

The Earth year was 1542.

Prince Drago Ravnhawk Ryhan was human,
the lawful husband of Lady Suzanne Dravn Knight,
and with full knowledge of what she was ... Vampyre.

Lady Suzanne met Ravnhawk whilst he was but the Prince of Gamier'. He’d rebelled against his father’s insistence that he take a wife and upscounded, to take up with a Minstrel troupe. It was during this time that Lady Suzanne came upon him, her Toreador blood rising the moment his fingers danced across violin strings.

A whirlwind courtship followed, and after a time Ravnhawk took Lady Suzanne as bride, much to the ignorance of his father.

With the King's death, and Ravnhawk's rise to the throne, mayhem broke out in Gamier'. Fortunately, his enemies underestimated the 27yr old King. He'd learned his lessons well, and put down the insurrection swiftly. He and Lady Suzanne had but a short twelve years together, when the Fates stepped in.

Having fought a duel over the honor of a woman, Ravnhawk laid dying of a fatal sword wound. With her hands pressing the bandage to his side, Lady Suzanne watched the life flow from his body. Rather than lose her beloved mortal love, Lady Suzanne grants his persistent wish to become as she, an Immortal, a Vampyre.

For three thousand years they reigned over the vampire nation with firm yet fair hands, and metered out justice tempered with humanity. Even unto the more vile covens. But there was one who continuously strove to seize power and become ruler.

Then there is … RAULDACthe abomination, the Spawn of Caine, Evil incarnate. He ... the bane of her existence, the cause of her despondency. For it was his murderous defeat of her beloved Ravnhawk that caused Suzanne's suicidal walk into the pyre.

Tainted WYNE. RAULDAC had triumphantly used Ravnhawk's sense of humanity to destroy him. By introducing an alkahest into the blood-wyne, Rauldac had cleverly caused that which was sustenance, to become the weapon. That which had sustained ... instantly savaged Ravnhawk from the inside. Causing his death as no stake, fire, nor decapitation could.

Captivated, Enthralled, Bewitched

The Fate's own Messenger.

Chezlar Khor

Crown Prince of Inligh

Half Centaur,
Messenger of Fate
Lord of Time.

Their spirits touched
upon first glance,
their hearts knowing
the truth ... that one
day they would join
for eternity ... yet
with each encounter
Honor denied this, for
they would be bound
to another ... until ...

Darkling Prince of Inligh

Eternal Mate ...

Catharz Khor
The Dark half
of Chezlar Khor

Torn from his soul
when Chezlar was
exposed to the Magic
of the Snow Thorn

Upon the rise of
Suzanne from Torpor
he ripped himself from
Chezlar to take her
as his own, his bride
for eternity.

This union is destined
to defy the Fates, and
have a profound effect
upon Alexia's future.

Lover's Lament

Don't tell me that you understand, don't tell me that you know...
Don't tell me how I will survive, how I will surely grow.

Don't tell me this is just a test, that I am truly blessed,
That I am chosen for this task apart from all the rest.
Don't come at me with answers that can only come from me...
Don't tell me how my grief will pass, that I will soon be free.

Don't stand in pious judgment of the bonds I must untie...
Don't tell me how to suffer, don't tell me how to cry.
My life is filled with selfishness, my pain is all I see...
But I need you and I need your love unconditionally.

Accept me in my ups and downs, I need someone to share...
Just hold my hand and let me cry and say
"My friend... I care."

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