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Greetings, so grand of you to pay a visit to The House Of Pain. I am Nebet Adrasteia and here I am mistress over all who enter. Unfortunately for you since you?ve come into my home you belong to me now. Rather sorry if this spoils any of your future plans however this is non-negotiable and resistance only serves my sadistic rapture. As of this moment you are my slave, my toy, I shall take much delight in your agony and your muffled cries will be music to my ears. My thirst is insatiable and your anguish is a palatable wine to be drunk in sinful pleasure; body ravaged and spirit devoured my carnal hunger consumes entirely.

The name Adrasteia is that of an ancient goddess and bears the epitaph ?She Whom None Can Escape.? With prowess absolute this is truth beyond reckoning and the only reprieve ever accomplished by my victims is those which I grant them of my own accord. Should you have ever though to the contrary or doubt my voracity and depravity I assure you, you are quite mistaken. For your benefit I shall emphasize the gravity of this dire predicament in which you currently find yourself: You are completely, utterly, absolutely and incontestably fucked, take any solace and enjoyment you can from the horrors my proficient hands will inflict for now your time is short.

Meanwhile, I shall revel in the blissful suffering of your final breaths.

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