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Thank you for stopping by. Here at Bardic Web I am a WebWeaver, which is an artist who offers their creative skills to the site and it's members. My artform is webdesign which includes HTML, CSS and Graphic Design. I also dabble in Javascript, dynamic forms of HTML and glanced for the first time at PHP just recently.

Not only do I offer my services to the members of Bardic Web I also often assist the programmers and owners as a donation to the site and to help gain experience. As such I can often be quite busy around here or sometime check in remotely to make sure everything's going well. So please note: This character is specifically for those times when I am focused on design or visiting via a mobile device and unable to answer you via instant message. Unfortunately it is difficult to switch statuses on some mobile devices so although I may show up as available on the Instant Message Panel I am probably unable to get your instant message. If you wish to reach me catch my under one of my other characters or leave me a home message. I'll respond as soon as I can.

If you'd like to investigate the different design resources her at Bardic Web I encourage you to use the dropdown menu below.

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