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Hair: Blond, streaked with white
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’, 3”
Age: need to calculate, but between 10 and 20 millennia), appears to be in his late 30s, early 40s.
Marital status: Single

Adarin is Galain’s uncle and the King of the Elen. He was married to an Elen woman named Edrienne who it was rumored gave birth to an illegitimate child named Sinan.

It is not known if that is true or if the story that she gave him an armband that matches Galain’s, proclaiming him to be an heir to the throne too when she and Adarin were unable to conceive is true either.

Regardless, Edrienne is said to have died before she could continue her plotting. Unfortunately for Adarin, he never knew he’d married a conniver and carried a genuine grief for his lost wife, having built a memorial of sorts to her on a small island in an artificial lake behind the Elen palace. It is unfinished, a symbol of a love cut short.

Adarin found love again for eight brief years with An’haya D’iel, and was fortunate to have twins with her, Melian and Elerina. Their bond is now broken and Adarin has chosen to remain single and devote his time and life to his people and his children.

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The King of the Elen

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