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Physical Description:
Vashir LeStrait
Meaning of Name:

Illithid Spawn
about 250 years
Apparent Age (if different):
Appears mid 20s
Lithe, yet muscled like a cat and broad of shoulders
Silvery White
Large Mother of pearl eyes that have a Horizontal Black slit edged in gold.
Blue/teal skin with black markings
*Identifying Marks (if present):
Black Markings on head and Back
Black Leather High Collared mantled Great Coat and Tricorn hat. Gloves and Boots to the thigh
Personal Items usually carried:
Numerous Psicyrstals, Spare clothing in his Bag potions for healing

Personal Information:Vashir is an Enigmatic sort He is never with his High Collar mantled Great Coat and Tricorn hat. Obscuring all but a small line of his face and eyes. He has a deep and Somewhat Raspy voice. Vashir is an Illithid Spawn, a failed creation to transform him into an illithid. the process wiped out most of his memories what few he has he committed to psi crystals. Under his collar are 4 tentacles he keeps hidden from most all people save for the few he is truly comfortable with. Vashir is a very powerful Psionic; A Telepath, Empath, and able to “piggyback” in other people’s minds and even control them subtle. He has been referred to as a “Travel Agent” as he is everywhere and nowhere.
Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:
Second Family:
Friends back in Kirkwall
Vashir is a quiet sort, He keeps to himself and likes to listen. Very much a people watcher. As an Empath and Telepath vashir sometimes "Picks up" on thoughts or emotions as if they were his. He Does like to help people, though in the background.
"Travel Agent" former Spy
*Skills and Abilities:
Vashir is a powerful Psionic, Power of the mind. He can also influence people with a small mental "nudge" or flat out dominate their mind.When subtle tactics fail, he uses his soulknives, Blades of enegry created from his psychic powers and his more offensive Psychic Powers
*Weapons Used:
His Mind, Soulknives, Telekinesis

Background Information:
Sexual Orientation:
*Marital Status:
Was married in his "Former" life before the Ceremorphosis
*Blood or Soul Bonds:


Misc Information:

Avatar Credit:

In the Berelath Scroll:

Vashir is a Powerful Psionic. Able to read inds and Dominate those weak of will. H can hold his own in a fight with his Soulknives and more offensive Psionic powers

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