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Shane Kane

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   Physical Description:
Shane Kane
Meaning of Name:

Sehrli Humans
Apparent Age (if different):

Brown, shoulder length
*Identifying Marks (if present):
Tattoo on his left chest of a dagger piercing his skin.
Black jeans, boots with a tan pull over long sleeve shirt.
Personal Items usually carried:
Burglary tools, lock picks, files, magnifying glass etc.

Personal Information:His mother was a prostitute, his father a drunk. He was pretty much raised by all of the woman of the house. He was given the name Shane at birth. He's learned to hate the name because of his fathers cruelity toward him. Now he only answers to "Kane!"
Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:
Maggy and Odolf Kane
Second Family:

Kane is easy going. Very few things bother him and he's easy on the eyes. He has a golden tongue and uses it to get him in, and out of trouble. Hard to anger, he sees himself as a playboy, yet he gets uncomfortable around the ladies. He enjoys a glass of wine, but limits himself to only one glass.
Soul Talker/Thief
*Skills and Abilities:
Kane has the ability to talk to souls. Not just any normal soul from living and dead beings, but from animated objects too. Such as iron, steel, wood, rocks, flowers, earth, fire and air. He can't explain his powers, only he 'hears' them speaking to him. There are times he's been unable to awaken a slumbering soul. Some souls are too old or stuborn to listen to him. Others simply ignore him all together. But when a soul listens, magic happens. Reading someone soul is even harder for him. Most, if not all living souls shield themselves from him, or hide all together. Other he can't ever hear, let along awake them. But when he awakens someone soul, they do his bidding by controlling the body while the mind fights and fails to regain control. They are a puppet on a string as it were.
*Weapons Used:
A simple Sabre by his side, which he hardly ever pulls. He keeps it sharp, and has been known to pull it to catch the eyes of a pretty lady, but hardly ever uses it in battle.

Background Information: *working on it*
*Marital Status:
*Blood or Soul Bonds:

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Kintarah G&C

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