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Odin Muldoon

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   Physical Description:
Odin Muldoon
Barbarian, Fifth level Mage
405 yrs old
Apparent Age (if different):
early 40's
325 lbs
Raven Black. Long, and wind blown. A band of brass, much like a crown adorns his head.
Dark Brown
*Identifying Marks (if present):

Odin wears a simple cloak made out of a silk, a pair of tan pants and boots. He's starting to wears a light cotton shirt. His large sword sits by his right hip, attached to a thick belt that keeps the tip from dragging the ground. Around his neck is a small medallion that he has been wearing since birth. Made of brass, it holds a small polished stone.
Personal Items usually carried:
A medallion

Personal Information: Taken as a child during a raid, Odin was given his name by King Reran, who had just lost a son and wife during childbirth. Seeing the same eyes as his beloved wife once held, he claimed Odin as his one and only son, making him a prince among normal men. No one questioned the king, knowing how heartbroken he was to lose his wife and child. Unknown to Rerun, Odin was the seventh son of a seventh son, marking him as a man that would someday hold great power. Even at an early age, Odin showed the makings of growing into a large man. At the age of ten, he was already bearing up to his father’s shoulders, showing strength matched by men three times his age. As he grew older, he grew stronger, and more handsome. Hair black as a raven’s wing, long and untamed fell across his massive shoulders. He grew taller than any man, yet his voice and actions were still that of a young boy. He grew to learn that his strength was a virtue, and a curse. Stronger than five normal men, he had to have a blade forged special to fit his strength and hands. As he grew older, he began learning that he had the powers to bring the dead to life, be it an insect or a human. He learned that by using a pinch of dead skin he was able to manipulate it, making strange looking creatures that would do his bidding. During one such time, he was caught playing with one of his creations, using it in a training exercise, since no one near could match him in speed and strength. Learning that his son was a Necromancer, a user of death, the King had no choice but to ban him from the village, never to return. Odin tried to explain to his father that the abilities came naturally, but his father was blinded by hate and anger. Throwing his crown at his only son, he told him to leave, never to return, for he no longer had a son, but a monster. Out of respect for his father he left, taking the crown and wearing it like a ring of thorns. Leaving his village, that sat at one end of the Vallachian Mountains, on the Eastern Continent of Elemmiire he wandered, gaining more powers, soon becoming a fifth level mage. Under the black mane of hair are hidden a number of tattoos, runes of sorts to help him in time of need. During his travel’s he happened to come across a female Drow who was badly injured. Healing her while she lingered on the edge of death, he tried to be rid of her, only to learn that she no longer had any place to go. So, he made her his apprentice, teaching her to become a fifth level mage like himself. He also found out quickly that she was a hand full. After a time he stumbled upon a young elven woman, Tullia Windsinger who took his breath away. She invited him to visit her, and in time he found himself in Ostohelyanwa, the city of Rainbows. After two years of wandering with Tullia and his ward he found himself back the city of rainbows, where he asked for Tullia's hand in marrage. They were soon wed, planning to build a home there, where he has become a teacher. They are now expecting their first child. After returning home Odin faced his most challanging moment, when he paired off with his brother, Sigird Muldoon, the Atte's Shaman's son and Reran's bastard son in a battle to the dead. After taking Sigurd's life and learning the weapon his brother had used was the fabled "Blade of Glory", held only by the one true king, Odin brought his brother back to life. Only to be banished from the Atte once again for breaking the 'Law'. He's been missing for eight long years, and is just now returning home to find his wife and child missing.
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:
Second Family:
Foster Son of King Reran

*Skills and Abilities:

*Weapons Used:
Broad sword

Background Information:
*Marital Status:
*Blood or Soul Bonds:


Misc Information:

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In the Scroll:

Returning from an 8 year quest, hoping to return to the life he left behind.

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