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   Physical Description:Angel has a muscular body, an hour glass figure, with two large white wings flowing up and behind her back. She can fold them around her body, when she becomes shy, or when she's caught nude sun bathing. Both wing repel water, much like duck feathers, making for a great cloak in wet weather. Two smaller wing can be seen on each side of her ankle, much like the god Mercury. Her skin is a golden tan color. She has night vision to see and fly at night. She is stronger than most men, but carries herself as being shy. She can be suited for most stories, be it Warrior, tracker or bodyguard.
"Angelina", but she prefers to be called "Angel."
Meaning of Name:

A Shar'kra'tar. A winged being, once bred as a slave to do as her masters ordered. To carry messages and small parcel to others.
Apparent Age (if different):
5'4" bare footed
Slim, full figured
Long light brown hair, shoulder length
Brown with gold flakes
Golden tan
*Identifying Marks (if present):

Light tanned leather pants, stiched up both side, worn skin tight. Knees, back pockets are reinforced with thicker leather. Short heeled sandals with thin leather straps run up to her knees and strapped tight with metalic buckles. A light tan colored long sleeve shirt buttoned up from the front, with break away flaps across both shoulder blades allowing her wings to break free with ease. The break-away flaps is fashioned in such a way to allow them to open and close with the uses of a thin strap with a small leather bag circles around her throat. When the flaps are closed, it becomes a necklace. When her wings are out and the flaps are open, the necklace turns into a choker that slips comfortably around her neck. When she wishes to close the flaps, after pulling her wings in, she simply reaches up and pulls the choker down, forming a necklace once more. Soft tanned leather gloves, fingerless cover her hands and wrists half way up her arm.
Personal Items usually carried:
A small bag with herbs around her neck, a cure for wood sickness.

Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:
Unknown. She was taken away the day she was hatched, before she knew her parents and raised in a nursery with other children like herself.
Second Family:

Friendly, out going. Fun to be around. She can be a tease at times, but you will find a life long friend, once you get to know her.
Messenger, bodyguard, babysitter.
*Skills and Abilities:
Her talents though go far beyond mortal man, for she can mimic anything or anyone. She can mimic voices, language and sounds of different animals. Being a 'messenger' she is able to comprehend different cultures quickly, making it easy for her to blend in. But within her is hidden a warrior like no other. When Angel becomes very angry, or there is real danger afoot, her body takes on a dramatic change, starting at the tips of her wings. Her wings change from their snow white look to that of black, with a metalic sheen to them. Her body changes also to black, her muscles grow stronger, leaner, her hands turn into three fingered claws, her face and skin takes on a theme some say look demon like. Her bone structure becomes thicker, her skin forms a heavy armored shell to protect her, her brow becomes larger, bone like structures that lift over her eyes. Her eyes change from that of brown to red, with cat like pupils of gold. Her wings are also transformed, giving them a metal structure to ward off arrows and blades. Two large blades of bone flow out from her wrists that she uses like shields to stop a weapon blow. They are very sharp, which she uses like a sword, capable of slicing down through bone and muscle. She takes on the look of a demon, her warrior side, a side she's kept hidden for ages. She feels what is called Demon's rage, killing any and all that cross her weapons path. She has been known to take a horse out from under its rider with one blow of her blade, cutting the horse's head and its rider in two... While in flight, she can see the wind currents, and tell if a storm is brewing ahead. She has the strength of five men, but it hardly shows.
*Weapons Used:
A thin sabre which rests by her side when not in flight. During long flights it rests between her wings.

Background Information: Born into slavery, that's all she's ever known, until a wize old blind man bought her, and taught her the skills needed to survive. He tapped into her hidden secrets, her powers to mimic anyone, or anything. From movement, to voice, to stealth, he taught her how to blend in to her surrounding, to learn, to adapt. She was never taught how to read or write, for being a messanger meant she carried with her important papers, secrets, treasured items. The less she knew, the safer her travels. When her master died, he set her free to do as she pleased. By Shar'kra'tar law she must have a Master. She keeps her papers hidden, praying she never gets stopped by the slavers who sold her.
Sexual Orientation:
*Marital Status:
*Blood or Soul Bonds:

Misc Information: Her weakness is that of wood....a splinter of wood can cause fever, sickness and sometimes death, so she carry's a small pouch around her neck that carries a hand full of crushed leaves. When mixed with hot water they becomes a tea she can drink, in order to flush the poison from her system.

Avatar Credit: Ali Landry

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