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Age : 57, Life span of approx 400 years due to nanoid modifications and access to the force.

Height : 6'1

Build : Athletic, not overly muscled, but toned & well built.

Ewan was a high ranking/accomplished Dukerian Jedissi. While he occasionally was under Foxx's command his rank technically exceeded hers, and it is almost certain his powers with the force do.

Born on a barely settled planet almost abandoned by star union his childhood was harsh, which by turns has resulted in a personality that is exceptionaly accepting, understanding, violently protective, paranoid, aggressive, duplicitous, secretive and nurturing.

When Dukerians won his home planet from Star Union for required metals they dealt with Ewans family, who held the somewhat dubiously attained and held the leadership position under Star Union through a variety of gang style tactics. Throughout the negotiations the Dukerians involved stayed in the Andrade manor house and in any spare moments Ewan pressed them for information, eventually convincing them to take him away with them when they left.

Aboard the TGSS Santise Ewan would have his first true glimpse of the infinite black of space and in that moment knew he was home. From that day forth his body mind and soul were dedicated to Fuker, and the Dukerian cause with fanaticism.

Weapons : Ewan is skilled in all tech weapons, especially as related to combat. Early in his career his reputation was made based on devastating bombs placed with outstanding accuracy and bravery well into Star Union territory, and he quickly rose through the ranks of saboteurs. From there he would go on to prove the same level of excellence time and time again, excelling at front line combat, assassination, infiltration, espionage and recruitment. He became renowned for his skill with several types of ballistic, blaster and laser based weapons. He eventually applied and was swiftly approved and recruited to the Jedissi program. As part of his training Ewan constructed and was fully trained in use of his light saber. His skill is above average though not highly creative. When traveling in places which are technological no-go zones it is the only weapon he carries.

Relationships : None.

Things to keep in mind,

Dukerian Jedissi are most closely aligned with 'grey' or 'rogue' jedi. they are not *True Jedi, and they may possess characteristics usually identified as 'Sith'

The Jedi Code as first laid out by Master Odan-Urr, is prominent amoung Ewan's beliefs, it goes "There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no chaos; there is harmony. There is no death; there is the Force."

**Ewan has not attained full status as a Dukerian Jedissi yet as he has not yet chosen to undergo the required trials for Ascension though (as of current timelines) his training is complete.

After the death of Duker, the Dukerian cause, Gold Union, fell prey to beauracracy and political infighting. The army, deeply demoralised by the loss of Duker, suffered losses of entire units, and planets formerly havens for the Dukerian cause opted to withraw from the Union. Supply lines were severed, leadership is scattered, selfish, and unwilling to compromise. Already resources are being pillaged from within. Some Gold Union members have turned traitor giving up names and locations of planets, weapons, and other members of the Union. Factions have developed both more extreme and concilitory than the Gold Union united under Duker Duck. Chaos prevails and the Jedissi have begun to disperse. To quietly wait, recruit and train for the day Duker Duck might be reborn, a day which might be hundreds or thousands of years off. Indeed it was long believed Duker Duck was the final incarnation of his spirit and this has led to speculation the cause is finished altogether.

Ewan, certain the cause was no longer salvagable followed Foxx to Rikers. Territory unlocatable by Star Union, or by any member of the Dukerians save himself and the now deceased Duker Duck. He was granted leave officially and officially was due to return, and did so after a short time.

He was very surprised when Foxxfire also returned to Gold Union and investigated, eventually discovering that the Gold Union had highjacked her body.

Biding his time Ewan eventually was able to effect a 'rescue' and is once more in the same universe Foxxfire has come to view as home'.

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