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Physical Description:
Rania Kapek
Meaning of Name:

Apparent Age (if different):
early twenties
about 140 lbs, fine-boned and delicate-seeming
long and black
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Her embrace by the Phoenix primogen Valentine has only strengthened her natural personality traits. She is cold, unfeeling, proud, and extremely manipulative. She is not capable of feeling an emotion as strong and complex as love, but she is devoted to Valentine, both as her sire, and for his power and protection. She holds kine in contempt for their weakness: physical strength and political power make her quite weak at the knees. Rania wouldn't cross the road to spit on an enemy, but she'd walk a long way to slowly dismember them.

*Skills and Abilities:
Rania was born into a race known as The People. While the talent is not strictly hereditary, most of The People possess the ability to detect the emotions of other people by reading vibrations in the air around them. The stronger among them can also project their own emotions forcefully enough to make other people share them. Rania is one of the strongest of The People, her natural power augmented by her utter lack of scruples or fellow-feeling. The People have a strict code which controls the use of the Ability. Rania's rejection of this code led to her estrangement from The People. She holds them in utter contempt.

Despite her lack of personal emotion, Rania is a sensationalist. She feeds off the emotions of other people as a substitute for real feeling. She prefers the more violent emotions: hatred, anger, lust, pain, the stronger the better. She will use people mercilessly simply in order to feel what they feel. She is also capable of wrapping another person inescapably in her own emotions, should she be provoked enough to actually feel anything. The effect this has on another depends on their strength of will and their susceptibility to feeling. She favours feeding from the cruel, and killers, drawing out their life experiences with their blood. Her need for sensationalism is her one weakness: she is addicted to the feelings of others, and they can quite overwhelm her.
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Misc Information:
- The closest analogue of Rania's race is Arabian: please note she therefore does not possess the extreme pallour of Caucasian vampires.

Avatar Credit:
Queen Rania of Jordan

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