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Nahla von Ormond

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Physical Description:
Nahla von Ormond, née Nahla Richten
Meaning of Name:

Apparent Age (if different):

slim and muscular
Black, long and wavy
*Identifying Marks (if present):


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At first glance, Nahla can seem fierce and intimidating. She is tall, her bearing is upright, and she moves with commanding assurance. And while she can be condescending, she is usually kind and warm, too. When she is being the Countess Ichlen, she radiates confidence, wealth, and security. When she is working, her bearing is entirely different; she is quicker and livelier, and her speed and keen intelligence shows.
Nahla is the wife of Michel von Ormond, Count Ichlen. She is also a dangerous and proficient assassin, a fact known to a very few in the government she works for, including her husband, who knew what she was when he married her.
*Skills and Abilities:

From the time she was a young girl, Nahla Richten was famed for her remarkable voice. She has an impressive coloratura soprano, and performs with a huge sense of drama. She still sometimes performs with the Royal Opera Company, though not as much as she did before her marriage at 25. She is an accomplished actress, with a slight tendency to over-act, and an adequate dancer.

In her more private activities, Nahla is very agile, an excellent climber and tumbler. She has extensive knowledge of herbal poisons, and a useful grasp of anatomy. She can use a dagger, but she's not great with weapons and prefers not to get into confrontations. Both her parents were spies, and Nahla was trained in arts they considered useful from a very young age.
*Weapons Used:
Dagger, garrotte

Background Information:
*Marital Status:
married to Michel von Ormond
*Blood or Soul Bonds:

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Anna Netrebko

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