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   Physical Description:
Matthew Damon Becker
Meaning of Name:

Terran human
Apparent Age (if different):

about 180 lbs, slim
black, short
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Matt is and always has been a civilian: he has no military training and no inclination to it. Or anything else that requires much discipline. He is warm and engaging, sardonic, sarcastic, teasing, and inclined to get himself into trouble just to see what might happen. All but the most sensitive of his students like him, mostly because of his youth, his readiness to listen, and his sense of humour.

In his spare time, when he's not drinking and dancing, he jogs, works out, and does yoga - he's a screaming metrosexual who's very conscious of looking after his physical appearance.

In recent years, Matthew has become much quieter and more withdrawn, grieving the end of his relationship with Rhagi D'Riel.

Biologist, teacher
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Until recently, Matthew Becker was the tutor for the older children of Y'Roden D'Riel, living in Windemiire on S'Hea. He has just ended a ten-year position there, and an eight-year sexual relationship with his ex-pupil, Y'Roden and Ghetsuhm's son Rhagi.

Matt was very much in love with Rhagi, and deeply in love for the first time in his life, despite knowing that his affections were not returned as strongly. Previously to this, he'd never been inclined to become strongly attached to a lover, and had lost relationships over his lack of commitment.

After Rhagi ended the relationship, Matt left his post educating R'Avyen and Den'Ayat D'Riel, and refused their mother's offer to find him further employment. He did not return to Terra, and instead is spending his time aimlessly wandering while he works through his grief.

Matt was born in Montreal and speaks fluent French. He is an only child whose mother is a web developer and whose father is a retired model who now works as a fashion designer. Matt bartended his way to a PhD in Ethnobotany (the study of the relationship between plants and people), then spent five years working in a Canadian government lab developing new grain crops before shifting to teaching.

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Joe Flanigan

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Proxima Incognito
The Cagliostro

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