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NyxNikeI, Nyx, the primordial goddess of the Night, greet thee to my humble vast Cosmos...

I'm the proud parent of many children, and I'm hoping they won't disturb you whilst you visit my escape cosmic home. What's a goddess to do? Especially when her children have names like "Retribution", "Madness", and "Death". (Well, really their names are Nemesis, Lyssa, and Thanatos, but those sweet names just don't do justice to them!)

Still, since you have graciously stopped in for a visit, please enjoy my humble hospitality. On the sideboard, you'll find terrines of lobster, whitefish in flaky pastry, hearty stews full of beef, and mousaka. In addition, there are dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), laxano gemista (stuffed cabbage), warm breads. For dessert help yourself to sweet baklava and loukomades (a deep-fried pastry dough covered in honey sauce). the MavrodaphneTo cleanse and refresh your palate, we'll finish off with a sweet Greek Mavrodaphne black grape wine. Bowls of cool rosewater and white linen napkins are nearby when you are done dining. We can then retire for some relaxing conversation over our glasses of wine. I do have the ability to actually be serious now and then *ahem*.

Should you need assistance know that you are welcome to stop in and leave me a message. I promise to keep my holy terrors children occupied so that you may contact me in peace (and you won't have to hide under your bed---I'm really harmless!).

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we do, we do! It's All Greek to Me! Tinkerbell Fan!

"Are you breathing?"
"All the people in the underground rock."
"People can no longer cover their eyes."
"How do you live without playing the game...
Well my brother let me show you a better way."
- Disturbed

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I'd like to thank Melaina Alcarin for all her assistance, guidance, and friendship, not to mention for introducing me to BardicWeb. A big thanks to Dries Van Eek for being the best buddy to work with. *huggles to both* For design and creativity, I use PaintShopPro for graphics creation, SuperBladePro for text effects, and Dreamweaver and Notepad for page design.

Clipart, buttons, and some backgrounds from Eos Development
Girls, Greek, and Tink Icons -
Greek Bath PSP tube from Graphics by Pati
Linen backgrounds from ScrapbookFlair
Nyx sig created with the CoolText Graphics Generator
Nike - I've had a long time and no clue where I got it
Avatar from MasterClips software

Here and there misc. graphics by Nyxie-pixie
I hope I didn't forget anything!

Design by Nyx

the Cosmos morphed last on January 03. 2012. a.c.e.

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