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Deren Tanagar

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Physical Description:
Deren Tanagar
Meaning of Name:

Corinian Human
Early thirties
Apparent Age (if different):

About 90kg, solid but not hugely muscled
Dark brown, short-cropped, slightly curly
*Identifying Marks (if present):


Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:

Second Family:


Deren has a charming smile, but the planes of his face make him look cold and cruel at rest. He's actually a very high-energy person, he fights hard and plays hard, but he's also selfish and unlikely to put the greater good before his own interests.
He's a devious and original thinker, always looking for a way to twist a situation to his own advantage. He's a little too enamoured of his own cleverness, inclined to think he can outwit anyone, and always looking to play both sides against the middle.
In recent years, as he grows more sure of himself and freer of his mother's influence, Deren has turned his attention away from politics and devoted his considerable intelligence to improving the yield from his lands, and his economic power.

Lord of the Tanagar lands in Corin

*Skills and Abilities:
Like most Corinian humans, Deren is strong, and a competant rider and fighter. Life-long training with a blade is augmented by a particular ruthlessness and aggression. It's well-channeled aggression: Deren never loses his temper in a fight, and he can't be baited. He takes particular pleasure in any kind of risk, so he's more likely to be amused by threats than intimidated.

*Weapons Used:

Background Information:
Sexual Orientation:
*Marital Status:
married to Aylwen Dynawd
Aderyn Tanagar and Deric Tanagar
*Blood or Soul Bonds:


Deren is a Corinian lord, though he was never supposed to head the Tanagar lands. That was his more sensible older brother Kennet, but Kennet died fighting for Corin in Shattered Web. Deren had been allowed to run pretty wild as a young man, and it's still a matter of debate whether age and responsibility have settled him down or just made him better at covering his tracks. He now lives in Castle Tanagar with his wife Aylwen and their children.

During Hell's Fire he was involved in the unsuccessful rebellion against the throne. While nothing was ever proved against him and he retained his lands, he's still viewed with suspicion by some of the loyal lords, and especially his neighbours.

During The Quickening, on hearing of the death of Lord Dynawd, Deren went to visit the new lord, Owain, and in just a few days, had married his eldest sister Aylwen in a rushed ceremony.

Maneouvering in Web of Lies led to Deren executing his beloved mother Mhaire for the attempted murder of his wife. Mhaire was the source of his strength and deviousness, and he bitterly regrets the necessity of her death. He is devoted to his wife, and it was this weakness that Tallin used against him to secure his loyalty (such as it is) in The Poison Crown.

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Derren Brown

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