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(Parts of this profile are taken or adapted from Jaina's Twine Encyclopaedia entry.)

Physical Description:
Jaina Jade
human (transgenic)
Just over 3,000 years (based on Galain's timeline). Gene manipulation can be like that.
Apparent Age:
early twenties
6'0" (1.8m)
curvy with a side of athletic
extremely red, long, loose curls
light green
markedly pale
Identifying Marks:
None readily visible. A nasty burn scar on her leg is always covered.
Default is jeans, cotton tank top, leather jacket, and boots. She tends to wear laced bodices (with trousers and boots) when visiting elves. The more dangerous a situation could get, the less covered her arms, legs, and throat are. This lets her use her skin to maximum effect - see below.
Personal Items usually carried:
A pair of wooden stakes, one in each boot; extra hair ties in a pocket. On story boards, she also carries a duffel bag with additional equipment: extra stakes, a mallet to more efficiently drive them home, bandages, safety pins for quick clothing repair, and either food or money to buy food.

Personal Information:
Home Planet:
Terra (or a version thereof)
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:
House Jade (now estranged)
Second Family:
an unnamed motley of elves and honorary elves which includes Galain, Flute, Foxx, and pretty much anybody else she recognizes.

Jaina hates vampires. She will try to avoid them, but if they feed on someone unwilling while she's around, she's going to investigate and probably swing a punch at minimum. She'll leave most vampires alone if they don't provoke her (especially if she encounters them in neutral ground, such as an open bar -- personal gatherings are another story).

She has a slight preference for the company of elves over humans, as she discovered early on that an elf's lifespan could match her own. However, Jaina is gradually understanding that a variety of circumstances could bring another human in line with her own almost nil aging. She has less familiarity with other races, just honest curiosity.

Jaina is fiercely protective of those she considers "hers," be they family or friend, and will often exert more effort on their behalf than her own.

Changes frequently. When she runs out of fortune from vampires she's slain, she picks up odd jobs.
Skills and Abilities:

Jaina's old vampire-slaying order genetically altered her to grant her the ability to emit light through her skin, including ultraviolet light to repel vampires. (She can also manage the visible spectrum, which sometimes manifests when she's startled, embarrassed, pissed off, or otherwise not in control of her emotions.) To protect her light emanation, her skin does not scar or callus. She wears padded boots and wraps her stakes in leather straps to protect her palms, spots that would thicken on normal humans. This is true even at times her light isn't working. Her sweat doesn't smell as strongly as most humans', due to a slight difference in her sweat glands. Her aging has been slowed to almost nothing.

Jaina's only innate magic is portalling. She has tried to cast minor non-portal spells with no real success, and has a particular fascination with warding and defensive magics. Her specialisation makes her think of all magic as a means of of transportation.

She's able to draw on her life force to open and use portals -- with several caveats:

  • She must strongly desire to be on the other side of the portal or the magic will unspectacularly fail.
  • Portals don't open instantly. She has to call up her life force and shape each portal for its specific destination, or specifically to reach a random new location.
  • Portalling to a new place weakens her, often giving her symptoms similar to a particularly nasty influenza. She treats these with vodka. Return journeys doesn't hurt nearly as badly.
  • The farther away her destination, the more she feels the effects. A long jaunt can affect her even if it's someplace she visits often, though to a lesser degree than a new place.
  • Her portals will not take her anywhere humans can't survive (e.g, she can't portal to deep space, but she can land aboard a spaceship), so she won't die in the vaccuum of space but could still arrive on a battlefield. This protects her somewhat on excursion via random portal, though it may not apply if she fails to finish the portal -- see next point.
  • If she is distracted at any point while opening a portal, the thing can explode, pushing her (and anyone in her immediate area) to all corners of the cosmos.

Jaina has become fairly experienced in jury-rig repairs, thanks to the extensive damage her spaceship sustained some time ago. She can't improve on the original and often ends up with machinery that operates at a low capacity, but she can usually get it functioning at least. She's also a moderately good starship pilot if she has all the instrumentation working to guide her; she's nigh useless without any.

Weapons Used:
Jaina typically wields her wooden stakes. She knows how to fire a variety of firearms but is only an okay shot. She can hold a sword without hurting herself, but only on a good day, and she's unable to use it effectively in battle. (She says they're balanced completely unlike wooden stakes.) She can fire a bow, but often hurts herself in the process.

Background Information:
Marital Status:
unmarried; in a relationship with Suitov Iceheart
none (infertile)
Blood or Soul Bonds:

Jaina was raised on Terra by a secretive group dedicated to killing supernatural monsters. This all-female society became a vast "family" to her, but she lost them all when she refused to kill a nonviolent vampire. Unfortunately, they found out, branded her a traitor, and cut all ties with her, then abandoned her on a strange world (the location of the Mausoleum, for you TSFV exiles). Here Jaina met elves and beings of other legendary races, drank booze, and decided that her life was messy but livable.

Jaina still feels that something essential is missing from her life. She doesn't have a name for it, but she has resumed her wanderings in hopes of finding it or something close enough to it.

Misc Information: Jaina is awesome and so are you.

Avatar Credit: clipart from CastleTrash (now defunct) and custom artwork by Erin Kerr

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