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Looking for help and not sure where to start? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet the Staff

The Staff of Bardic Web are volunteers from all over the world that the owner of Bardic Web has carefully selected for their technical and people skills. They are not paid to be here, they just simply love their jobs; they are Writers just like you. If at any time you have questions or need guidance you should always feel welcome to ask a member of staff.


The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page is a detailed breakdown of help topics ranging from basic "how to's" to etiquette and terminology of the site. Have questions? Check here for the answers.

Rating System

All of the Scrolls at Bardic Web are rated for content in order for readers and writers of all ages and interests to find novels that are appropriate to them.

Member Levels

Bardic Web is a web based community - different people fill different roles to keep the site running. Icons are a handy quick visual reference to immediately identify these roles, often called levels.

Writing Help

Bardic Web offers many resources to help our Writers in their writing endeavours such as Role-Playing Resources, The Quill Pen, and Writing Workshops.

HTML and Graphics Help

Our WebWeavers are dedicated in helping you with your problems and your questions when it comes to HTML, CSS, and graphics. Drop into the WebWeavers Loom to get the help you want or need.

Report a Bug

Notice something you're sure isn't working right, or perhaps you've found a broken link or image somewhere. This is where you report the bugs you find.

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