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Raphael Amante

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Physical Description:
Raphael Amante
Meaning of Name:
God has healed, Lover
Human (altered)
around 300
Apparent Age (if different):
medium, broad-shouldered
Short, mid-brown, soft
*Identifying Marks (if present):


Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:
Second Family:

Raphael is politely sociable and smooth, but to anyone at all perceptive, his deep underlying sadness is clear. He tends not to get close to people, but not by natural inclination.
Varies. Originally, artist.
*Skills and Abilities:
Raphael is a highly-skilled painter, though this is not an ability he likes to use any more. He has a very beautiful tenor singing voice and can play a wide range of musical instruments.
*Weapons Used:
Can use a range of blades from stiletto to rapier.

Background Information: Raphael was born in northern Italy in the mid-eighteenth century, into a comfortable and well-connected merchant family.
Sexual Orientation:
*Marital Status:

*Blood or Soul Bonds:

Raphael has lived many lives, and is conscious of having done so, though he has no detailed memories of any but the one he's currently living. Every time he dies he is reborn remembering that he has lived before. As a child, this means he is always marked out as different, strange and unusually talented. Often he has been accused of being fathered by either an angel or a demon. He is always a foundling, though sometimes this fact is hidden by his adoptive parents.
He does not age naturally, either, but much more slowly. Despite this, he has never lived for more than about sixty years without being reborn.

Misc Information:

Avatar Credit: John Barrowman

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