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Leslie Mach
Meaning of Name:
Apparent Age (if different):
Physical Description:
Leslie has the body of a model, thin but healthy. Her complexion is clear and fair. Usually her hands are covered in lead by her pencil, or dried pain, or a combination of the two.
Very thin
Light Blonde, with some pink highlights in the front. Its cut short and choppy, very fun and carefree.
Chocolate Brown
*Identifying Marks (if present):
A tattoo of colorful and swirly lines on the back of her left shoulder. They remind her of how happy and free life can be.
Usually tank tops that are either plain colored or tie die. Always free flowing skirts that are plain or tie die as well. Sometimes stretchy pants when the mood calls for something less flowy.
Personal Items usually carried:
Pens, pencils, paper, and paints carried in a pack on her back when away from home.

Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:

Second Family:

Leslie has a very cheery disposition and loves meeting new people. She knows no strangers and nothing really seems to get her down. And she's a vegitarian.
*Skills and Abilities:
Expert at Art and Design.
*Weapons Used:
Doesnt believe in using weapons, personally.

Background Information: ...see history...
*Marital Status:
Very Single
*Blood or Soul Bonds:
Leslie comes from a large family. 6 brothers and a mom and a dad. She lives alone, but visits her family as often as she can. But has been travelling lately to get new inspirations.

Misc Information: ...none...

Avatar Credit: unknown

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