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Isiceheb Konereer
Meaning of Name:
Fear the Doom that is Nigh
Dark Elf
Apparent Age (if different):
Very Muscular
White, 3 inches past shoulders
Baby Blue
Physical Description:
Issi is a very tall dark elf with very straight and long silvery white hair. He is considered very attractive by most races, though he doesnt pay much mind to it.He excersizes alot and is often in combat, so his body is full of well toned muscles.
*Identifying Marks (if present):
A scar that goes down his left cheek.
Usually full steel armor filled with skulls. But when in casual (which is hardly ever) he wears a basic cotton white shirt and plain black pants. His black leather boots are always on.
Personal Items usually carried:
Always his steel double swords and a small magic pack he carries on his belt for mostly healing spells.

Home Planet:

Planet of Residence:

Birth Family:

Second Family:

He loves action and combat and adventure. He likes to keep alot of things to himself. He's a man of few words, but full of actions. He likes his solitude, but doesnt mind helping others as long as they dont pry about his past.
He can do blacksmithing, teach sword-fighting, help generals with battle plans, be a leader in combat. Just whatever is needed wherever he happens to be.
*Skills and Abilities:
Excellent in combat and at hand-to-hand combat. He can shoot arrows, and has good accuracy, but prefers to stick with steel and swords.
*Weapons Used:
Elf-made steel Double Swords.

Background Information: See History...
*Marital Status:
*Blood or Soul Bonds:
His background is long and complicated. He's been through alot, and has really seen too much. But he has had much battle experience and has led/helped lead many armies and has offered help to many races in battle strategy. He lives to fight.

Misc Information: None.

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