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Physical Description:
Meaning of Name:
Beautiful Fate
Apparent Age (if different):

*Identifying Marks (if present):
A tattoo of a black bat is inbetween her shoulderblades on her back and a maple leaf tattoo on her lower right leg, close to her knee. Her finger and toe nails are black as night.
- A long black dress that fits skin tight. The neckline goes daringly low to show her the cleavage of her slightly large breast. A slit on the bottom of the skirt comes up to her upper thigh. Tall black heels adorn her feet. Jewlery would only be a simple silver necklace/bracelet set.
Personal Items usually carried:
A magical and very deadly black dagger she wears on her inner left thight.

Personal Information:
Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:
Birth Family:

Second Family:

Bold and daring. Doesnt care about peoples opions and loves to lash out at anyone and everyone. Is known to be seductive to get whatever she wants. She is pure evil and loves to scheme evil plots and carry them out. She's power mad and wants to rule and dominate.
-Mercenary -Assassin -Vampire General
*Skills and Abilities:
She can manipulate fire and electricity at all times. She can only manipulate water and earth with great concentration (thanks to her half elf blood) but it doesnt always work. At night, if she chooses, she can turn into a bat. And during the day, the elf blood allows her to camaflouge with her surroundings, causing her to seem invisible.
*Weapons Used:
Her venemous bite, and the magical black dagger on her inner thigh is all the weapons she needs. Her bite can either TURN her victom or kill them in a long agonizing death. The Black Dagger, once stabbed, releases a black magic spell that torures the victim like a poisen and then they burst into flames. The Dagger can never leave her. It is bound to her soul and body.

Background Information:
*Marital Status:
One son who is 3 years old.
*Blood or Soul Bonds:
Her birth was a fate upon her father, a good Wood Elf Prince. But a blessing to her mother, the Evil Vampire Queen. Felicity's combined powers of both races makes her a very deadly and powerful danger to anyone of any race who steps in her path. Her father and mother had come together, not out of love, but of a dark magic no one can control or use. It is of itself. Felicity took the side of the vampires, loving all that is evil and dark. Her sole wish is to take over the Western Elf City that her father's brother is reigning as King at the present time. She wishes to kill not only the King, but her father as well, the next succesor to the throne. Felicity has never truly loved anyone, not even her young son, Maolenn (meaning Hate). He had been a mistake of a druken night that she'll never live to stop regretting letting her guard down. Her son lives in the palace with his Royal Grandmother, while Felicity leads the Vampire army to war against the unknowing Elves of the West.

Misc Information:
Special Interest:
-Sword Fighting -Dagger Throwing -Meditaion -Magic Practice -Memorizing Spells -Meeting New People to Seduce or who'll give her vital information on an invasion on the Western Kindgom of the Elves

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