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Chasington Wellings

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Leslie Mach
TroubleSome Demanding
Chaysen Dreams

Physical Description:
Name:*Chasington Wellings

Meaning of Name:Chasing a ton by the well



Apparent Age (if different):



*Hair:shoulder lenght black hair



*Identifying Marks (if present):None that the normal eye can see, but family members can see an aura which shimmers around her in various degrees of color.

Clothing:Usually well dressed in a grey leather full lenght jacket.Black jeans of the well dressed straight cut kind, sensible dress shoes that she can't break her neck in.

Personal Items usually carried:Carries a bag that's usually slung over the shoulderplus anything she feels like carrying at the moment

Personal Information:
Home Planet:Earth

Planet of ResidenceEarth:

Birth Family:Mother Dayonaira,Father:Chayten,Sisters:Chaysen,Knighton,Cousin:Troublesome Demanding, Friend: Revington Freeway

Second Family:none

*Personality:Straight forward, can be sarcastic in a friendly comedic way. not agressive in nature. Usually gets along with most people but if the wrong button's pushed, watch out. likes to observe her surroundings and the people she comes in contact with.

*Occupation:Anything musical(id:student of musicality. Can practically play almost anything and when she finds an instrument she's truly passionate about her aura really shimmers around her and when it turns lavender means she's ready(really ready) to sing

*Skills and Abilities: Can sing and play almost any type of musical instrument and she knows how to wield weapons that can save her life and generally adapt to almost any situation

*Weapons Used:Anything that can come in handy that she can get her hands on at that particular moment

Background Information:
*Marital Status:none


*Blood or Soul Bonds:none

*History: Born into a publishing world. Father's a well reknown publisher. Mother caring wife. Has two sisters. Live in the Dayron area of Draxia Gets along with practically every one, generally a bit skepticall about adventures but once in them, there's usually now worries(at least for the time being!!)

Avatar Credit:Zoe Saldana

In the Scroll:

In the Lost Jungle in Exploit Valley:
She a librarian who's grew tired of her job and once she discovered her passion for all things archeology she decided to go back to school and with the help of her professor heard about this expedition and thought she'd try and find out if she could find anything worth while and this latest project by this well funded proprietor. It was worth a shot! It seems like it was something she could do.

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