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   Physical Description:
*Name:Chaysen Dreams

Meaning of Name:Chasing one's Dream

*Race: Human


Apparent Age (if different):35



*Hair:Shoulder lenght brown hair with highlights



*Identifying Marks (if present): None to the naked eye, but to family members she carries a singing aura only they can see and hear and if she truly tries to sing, they'd know it's her, because in actuallity she can't sing. She's really really bad

Clothing:Wears long high healed boots , leather pants that are a straight cut but sometimes they are a boot cut to. and a black leather jacket

Personal Items usually carried: Mean looking sword concealed in a sheath and a black leather pouch and anything else that may be required at any given time
Jewellery: Necklace that's been handed down in the generations of her family to the eldest in the shape of a book with the emblem of a lion and crossed swords next to a waterfall

Personal Information:
Home Planet: Earth

Planet of Residence:Earth

Birth Family:Mother: Dayonaira Dreams, Father:Chayten Dreams,Sisters: Chasington Wellings and Knighton Daye, Cousin:Troublesome Demanding Friend:Revington Freeway

Second Family:none

*Personality:Could have been a spoiled rich brat, it that the route she'd wanted to travel but she's thoughtful of others and defends the small and provoked has a mean right hook and knows how to use any type of metalic weapondry to it 's best advantage. Wouldn't cross her with a double edge sword in hand. For the most part gentle in nature until extemely provoked then all hell breaks loose til then everything is nice and easy

*Occupation:Student of knowledge, Swords and on occasion a double edge two sided Axe

*Skills and Abilities: Has an aura that can sing even if she can't. Can use any type of weapon and can adapt to almost any situation

*Weapons Used:

Background Information:
*Marital Status:Single


*Blood or Soul Bonds:none

*History:Family is wealthy. Owns a successful publishing company,might have secret or two that Chaysen doesn't know about because the time isn't right to let her and the rest of the family know about it

Misc Information:

Avatar Credit:Beyonce Knowles

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