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 Chit chat with Omar
Author: Alison Quartermaine 
Date:   03-05-10 20:42

Alison turned to Omar not quite sure what to say to the man. "Why would you want to get to know me better?" she blurted out before she could stop herself, thankful that she had spoke softly. "I mean, I assume you know who I am or you would have had me escorted out of the meeting."

Omar had to smile. It never ceased to amuse him how people got so very nervous around him. For some the more they knew him the more they were nervous; for those it was probably wise for them to remain so. Then there were others who never knew enough about him to think anything else but praise for his philanthropic gestures. Those he found to be the simple folk who chose to live simply and out of the charged atmosphere of high commerce. His smile continued as he spoke mildly. “Miss Quartermaine, you are correct in that I know who you are on paper. I had been looking forward to having your grandfather on this expedition he has much knowledge that would likely have been useful. However I am only interested in knowing you better as a person not some collection of facts on a page. Things that come to mind are why are you here on this trip? Why did you come rather than the Professor? What about this trip has your interests and why? So you see it is just simple curiosity, nothing nefarious about my interest. So can you please enlighten me?”

Omar then tried his best to demonstrate she should just relax by relaxing his own posture a little more. It was hard not to let oneself relax while in flight. He had already had enough experience to know being tense only made the trip harder. He, however, was the only one on the plane likely to have had had the chance to get that experience with this new mode of transportation. Not many could afford the luxury of this form of transportation in its young state.

Alison eyed the man next to her. Her grandfather had many names for him. Most of which she dare not repeat. No lady should speak that or so her grandfather believed.

Sighing she leaned back in the seat and closed her eyes for a moment then spoke softly. "Grandfather passed a few days after your invitation arrived. He didn't plan on dying. Stubborn man that he was and he was very excited. He spent his last hours telling me and reminding me all that he had taught me about where we are going. Right up to the last though he hoped he would be well enough to go. But his heart gave out. His last words were that I must go and keep you honest." Alison almost choked on the last words and peeked at Omar to see his reaction.

A dark shadow flashed across Omar’s face at the news Alison just gave him. Just as fast it was gone as well. He didn’t like the fact he had not been told about the Professor before the gathering in New York. Someone on his staff had clearly dropped the ball. Something as public as an obituary should not have been missed, heads would account for the failure when he could see to it. Turning to face his guest, Omar was the picture of a gentleman, “My condolences are in order Ms. Quartermaine, I had not known of his passing. He will be missed for sure. I look forward to working with you going forward if that is acceptable. The professor was constantly telling me he was there to keep me honest. I shall miss him.”

Just then the plane jerked roughly like a shaken rag doll. It was a passing bit of turbulence but still Omar wanted to check on it with the pilot.

“Please excuse me a moment. I’d like a word with the crew.” As Omar rose he slightly bowed to Alison. The plane had resumed normal conditions with minor flutters of occasional bumps of turbulence.

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