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 The Green Heart Inn: Waterfalls and Pool
Author: Wren Silvereye 
Date:   04-21-16 17:38

The pool lies a short distance from the inn and its clearing. It resembles a natural lake, surrounded by trees. If it were to be measured by human standards it would be Olympic-sized with a shallow wading area at one end, the deeper part at the other end where two waterfalls thunder down from an outcropping of rock above. Near the waterfalls is a natural slide. If you look closely enough you may see a couple of ropes for swinging.

Two small log cabins sit near the shallow end, one for males, the other for females. They are basic one-room deals furnished with chests for clothing storage.

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 The Green Heart Inn: Waterfalls and Pool  Wren Silvereye  04-21-16 17:38 

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