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The Parnassus Grad Badges

This badge is given out only to writers who have completed the Parnassus Mentoring Program.

Chaysen Dreams
Feb 2010
Zachary Quicksilver
Sept 2009
Troy Arvak
Valliant de Luz
Erik Ravensteel
Drake Silverwing
Aylric Tovenaar
Bagamba Whitehart
Raf Verde
Dominic Haventhorpe
Flute Aslora

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The Awards

Bright Idea ~ Bardic Web Anniversary ~ Character Lottery ~ Crossword Solver
Gold Star Award ~ Gold Star FunnyBone ~ Packrat Award ~ Role-Play Sessions Award
Treasure Award ~ Witty Caption Award ~ Bardic Web 10th Anniversary
Story of the Decade ~

The Badges

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