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The Featured Members Badges

The Muse will randomly pic a writer to feature each month for their genre pages. To qualify you must have a completed profile, and be actively writing at Bardic Web.

Morcant Sloan
April 2016
Lancelot DuLac
April 2016
Wren Silvereye
April 2016
BeLiene Riker DRiel
April 2016
March 2016
Helen Mars
January 2016
Fadil Elgerig
December 2015
Jaran Morelen
December 2015
Gweneth Granville
November 2015
Ravyn Knight
November 2015
Keshet Hirsch
November 2015
Rivgo Velden
October 2015
Chezlar Khor
September, 2015
Armon Rubani
September 2015
Medraut Lochlannach
Sept 2015
Marcas Schyrmeschur
Aug 2015
Eirwen Farachain
July 2015
Silex Bhr
July 2015
Gwynn DuLac
July 2015
Magnificent Empress
June 2015
Cullen Havenlock
June 2015
Tanwen Galbraith
June 2015
May, 2015
Ewan Andrade
April 2015
Esyllt Lochlannach
April 2015

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The Awards

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Treasure Award ~ Witty Caption Award ~ Bardic Web 10th Anniversary
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The Badges

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