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Reserved Names

Protect your original name! This feature registers your name and any lookalikes to prevent irritating copycats. After reservation an identifying plaque will be hung in your character home.

Can I reserve any name?

Almost! You just need two Bardicoins and follow a few simple guidelines.
    Your name and any alternates you reserve:
  • Must be a character already created under your Login.
  • May not be a name of a character you think you might create in the future.
  • May not be a character that is already held by another person.

How do I reserve a name?

Go to your Treasure Chest to fill out the application form found under Reserve a Character Name using first the primary name of the character and up to 20 variations you wish to reserve.

    Example of a list:
  • Ghetsuhm
  • Ghetsuhm Riker
  • Ghetsuhm Riker DRiel
  • Ghetsuhm B Riker
  • Ghesuhm B Riker DRiel
  • Ghetsuhm Brigid Riker
  • Ghestsuhm Bigid Riker D'Riel
A Muse will then install your Reserved plaque and block the alternates from future creation.

You will need bardicons to purchase this feature.

What if someone creates a name similar to mine?

Note that we are not responsible for reserving the names for you. Your name will only be protected if you go to the trouble of reserving it. We will not ask someone to delete a character with a similar name to yours unless they are violating your copyright interests. (Pretending to be your character!) Please reserve your name and variations in order to avoid this situation. There is always a possibility of someone creating a lookalike name. The reserved name feature is meant to protect your rights but it cannot hope cover every possibility.