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Member Levels

Bardic Web is a web based community - different people fill different roles to keep the site running. Icons are a handy quick visual reference to immediately identify these roles, often called levels.

All basic services at Bardic Web are free. Subscribe to support the continuation of the site and receive special gift features and icon levels.

What are levels and how do I change levels?

What do the icons mean?

Logins: You gain experience by the time spent here, beginning as a novice. After so many logins you will be automatically upgraded to bard status.

Subscribe: Journeyman Bards and Master Bards are members who have chosen to support the community by subscribing. Subscribing gives you more linked IDs and other perks including site currency called Bardicash (individual 'coinage' called bardicoins). You can spend your bardicoins on features or exchange them with friends. They are not redeemable for cash.

Muse and Demi-Muse are members who have shown dedication and given hours of hard work to the site and are now qualified to help newcomers and other members who have questions or needs. They also have creative input. They are selected by the site owner.

What is Bardicash? Buy Bardicoins! Support Bardic Web!

Demiurge - Site Owners or Programmers who can fix things, answer questions, and generally help out.
Muse - Site Staff and volunteers who can fix things, answer questions, and handle disputes and infractions of the TOS. Each Muse is assigned a Genre where they promote role-playing and are in charge of helping Master Bards with their Scrolls.
Demimuse - Committed volunteer member of the community who has various privileges and duties. A good person to find if you're lost or confused and just generally need assistance.
WebWeaver - Bardic Web's Graphic Artist, Portrait Artists, Publishers and HTML/CSS gurus.
Founding Master Bard -- Original members who have shown early support for our site. (VIPs) Availability of this level of subscription has ended.
Founding Journeyman Bard Original members who have shown early support for our site. (VIPs) Availability of this level of subscription has ended.
Master Bard - Members at the highest level of subscription, enjoying full services.
Journeyman Bard - Members who have commited to the site and shown their support by subscribing.
Bard - Experienced member.
Novice - Members that have recently joined Bardic Web. They will automatically be upgraded to Bard after so many logins.

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