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About Bardic Web

The Bardic Web is about community. Every member of the Administration is a writer; we participate in the stories and love this place just as much as the members do. Most of us came from a place called the Scifivine that went under years ago, leaving us camped out at Ezboard for a little over four years, but it just wasn't the same, until BW was created.

Round Table Writing is the foundation of the Bardic Web, collaborative stories that include all writers. Everyone, at some point, gets to be the Hero. There is no spotlight here, everyone is equal, every writer important and integral to the stories. The building blocks of BW are respect for fellow writers and their creations, communication, and the development of great writing skills. The most important thing, besides complying with the site Terms and Conditions, is have a good time. Bardic Web is a place to relax, be creative, socialize and let yourself drift off to where ever your imagination takes you.

What sets Bardic Web apart from other writing or roleplaying sites?

While we do have an area designated for short stories and poetry, that style of writing is not Bardic Web's main focus. We are a unique group of writers who have discovered a combination of World Building and cooperative writing that is a fulfilling way to stretch your creative talents and build believable realities for characters to interact within.

Mythos (World Building) is a major focus here: which is, building your characters, the worlds they are from, the races and creatures that inhabit those worlds and so on. In essence, you are walking through the vivid imaginations of other writers and using the tools provided by them to interact within their worlds. Subscribing members all have the opportunity to create, display and welcome others into their realms.

Most writers start out role-playing, this is a fantastic way to introduce your character to a new environment and get a feel for things. After you have been interacting for a while, you may be invited to join a story ? don?t be afraid to follow invitations to role-playing events or open stories either; these are golden opportunities to get your foot in the door. Master Bards are always more than willing to help you get your feet wet and learn how to co-post. (Write interactive pieces with other characters, usually resulting in a novel.)

All you really need is to come armed with you imagination, we would be delighted to make room for your world, your characters and your ideas ? it isn?t too hard to get a Scroll of your own. Too shy as of yet? Then step on in and experience the multitude of worlds already in existence here. When in doubt, ask a Muse.

The Staff

So... why are the Administration (Muse) anonymous faces? In all honesty, it is to avoid illusions of favouritism among the writers. Work faces are completely separate from play faces, as it should be. When under their Character IDs the Muse and Demi-Muse should be able to relax and enjoy themselves as much as any other member of BW. If you do happen to figure out 'who is who', please keep this knowledge to yourself, we appreciate your discretion.


If you have any troubles finding your way around, we suggest trying the Treasure Hunt. The Muses are always available to answer your questions as well.

The Bardic Web Team

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